Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation

Purpose: Connecting to our past and investing in our future.

Vision: BBNC Shareholders will reach their potential, assume key roles, direct our future and ensure continued success. Since 1986, Bristol Bay Native Corporation has provided support for and encouraged Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholders to pursue educational opportunities and to promote and preserve cultural heritage. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirement and display a financial need are granted funding.

  • In 2018, BBNCEF awarded $686,000 to 170 Higher Education scholars and $86,600 to 118 short-term vocational training recipients.

  • We awarded $75,550 in cultural heritage awards in 2018.

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Culture and Sustainability

BBNC Education Foundation puts its highest priority around our values of family, taking care of each other, our environment and Native people. We have utmost respect for subsistence and our communities, and are working hard to hold an event that reflects these values.

The Neqa Derby is implemented in partnership with Choggiung Ltd, who stewards the lands of the Nushagak River through its Nushagak River Land Use Program. Our ticket sales are intentionally limited to lessen any potential impact on the river. The derby celebrates and share the cultures of Bristol Bay through increasing awareness and providing hands-on opportunities to experience our traditions for visitors and residents alike. Come join us!