King Salmon Derby on the Nushagak

Benefiting the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation is hosting its second King Salmon Derby on the Nushagak River near Dillingham, AK on Friday to Sunday, June 21-23, 2019.  

This is the signature fundraising event to benefit the BBNC Education Foundation, whose mission is to provide higher education and vocational training scholarships to Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholders and support for cultural heritage activities in the Bristol Bay Region.

Each year, BBNC Education Foundation supports more than 250 students to pursue their educational and vocational training goals. Graduates are now in a wide range of careers that serve the Bristol Bay region.  In addition, the Foundation provides grant funds to Bristol Bay communities to preserve traditional cultural practices through activities like cultural camps and school-based programs.

The Neqa Derby will feature for three days of healthy competition on the Nushagak during King Salmon season. The Derby will award three cash prizes, an individual trophy, and a lodge trophy. The Derby is open to the public.  For additional details, see the 2019 Rules & Regulations.



One Derby Ticket for all days: $100

A limit of 150 tickets will be sold.

More info

Official derby rules. Derby tickets are available now! Tickets may be purchased by contacting BBNCEF at or by calling 907-278-3602.